David O. Knuttunen

Hi.  Who am I?  That's not a simple question, you see, as a man is many things.  I am a socialist, father, husband, not-very-good jazz/blues guitar player, occasional poet.  I earn my living as a structural engineer - for more about that, you can visit my other web page. I also have a blog, "Persistent Wondering".

I've also helped with web sites for a couple of political organizations, check out Boston Democratic Socialists of America and Progressive Newton. Not sure how actively each site is being maintained, these days. I know I haven't been doing much. Both also have a presence on Facebook, and Progressive Newton, I think, also on Twitter (but I don't tweet). While in the political vein, here is a little set of charts I did on wealth and income inequality.

Then, here's a list of books, and also another.  And some guitar playing vids, for those who really love me, or are masochists. These are kind of old, now, though. I'm a lot better, now, I think. This page has jazz-related stuff.

Or, have some fun searching for Guitar Chords (Chordie kind of a cool site, even though it's actually hard to find much jazz, there.):

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(You may need to click "Search" again after you get there... Check out the "transpose" feature. What a labor-saver!)

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