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Hi.  Who am I?  That's not a simple question, you see, as a man is many things.  I am a socialist, father, husband, not-very-good jazz guitar player, occasional poet.  I earn my living as a structural engineer - for more about that, you can visit my other web page. I also have a blog, "Persistent Wondering".

This is a very old web site, and very basic. I make a few edits, from time to time, but I've mostly left it untouched. In the past, I've helped with web sites for a couple of political organizations, the Boston Democratic Socialists of America is no longer the one I designed, but Progressive Newton is still there. Not sure how actively it is being maintained, these days, if at all. I know I haven't been doing it. Both also have a presence on Facebook, and Progressive Newton, I think, is also on Twitter (but I don't tweet). While in the political vein, here is a little set of charts I did on wealth and income inequality (kinda old, now).

Then, here's a list of books, and also another.  And some guitar playing vids, for those who really love me, or are masochists. These are kind of old, now, though. I'm a lot better, now, I think. This page has jazz-related stuff. And here's a bit of poetry that I happen to have been "published" from time to time on social media, and is therefore ineligible for publishing most other places.

Or, have some fun searching for Guitar Chords (Chordie kind of a cool site, even though it's actually hard to find much jazz, there.):

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