Directions to 24 Bridge St., Newton
(Corner of Bridge and Traverse Sts.)


MBTA:   The closest bus stops are the #558 stop at the corner of Bridge and California, and the #59 stop at the corner of Chapel and Watertown Sts.  These buses do not have great trip frequency.  The #558 does not run on weekends.  From the #558, walk one block up Bridge St. to the corner of Traverse.  From the #59 walk forward one block from Chapel to Bridge, then walk down Bridge (about 3/8 mi).

The #59 bus can connect with the Green Line at Newton Highlands.  It can connect with the #71 at Watertown Sq, which connects in turn with the Red Line at Harvard.  I think it may also connect with the Commuter Rail at Newtonville (see below).  Unfortunately, the #59 bus does not run very frequently, so one needs to be very conservative in scheduling connecting trips to avoid missing it.

The #70 & #70A buses from University Park and Central Sq. Cambridge stop on Main St. at the corner of Wilmot St., on their way to Waltham.  (This stop is after Watertown Sq.)  Walk forward one block to Evans (cross street), then down Evans to Waltham St. (lumber yard, ball park, no street sign), take a left on Waltham and a right on Bridge St.  Continue on Bridge St. across the river (by the big mill building), across California St., and one block up the hill to the corner of Traverse St.  This walk is about 7/10ths of a mile.

It is also possible to walk from Watertown Sq. (#71, or any of the buses that stop at Watertown Yard) or Newton Corner (various buses, including express buses from Boston).  From Watertown Square it's about 1 mile, from Newton Corner about 1.5 miles.  See below for directions.

Commuter Rail:  The Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line from Boston South Station also stops in Newtonville, which is about 1 mile away.  This line connects with the #500 Express Bus, which stops at Washington and Adams (see driving directions from Newton Corner), but this bus doesn't have great trip frequency, and doesn't run on weekends.  I think it is possible to connect to the #59 bus in Newtonville, too, but the MBTA website does not make this very clear.  

The Fitchburg line commuter rail from North Station stops in Waverly Sq., Belmont, which is a short drive or cab ride, but too far to walk (about 2-1/4 miles).

Walking and driving

From Watertown Sq (walking or driving):  Cross the Charles River on Galen St. (straight through square) and take an immediate right onto Watertown St. (Rte. 16).  Bear right at the fork onto California St. and follow this to Bridge St.  Left on Bridge St., left on Traverse St.  Park on Traverse.  About 1 mile.

From Newton Corner (driving):  Go straight through Newton Corner (with the hotel that straddles the highway on your left) bearing right, and continue west on Washington St.  Turn right on Adams St., (traffic light, big church on corner).  Follow Adams across Watertown St (at Dunkin Donuts) to Linwood St (stop sign, small brick office on right).  Right on Linwood, follow to end, left on Bridge, right on Traverse.  Park on Traverse.

From Newton Corner (walking):  Head down Centre St toward Watertown Sq. Left after parking garage/office/commercial building (Amarind Thai restaurant in basement) onto Pearl St.  Follow Pearl St. to end; left on Watertown St. (Rte. 16); follow past hardware store & funeral parlor; right on Bridge.  About 1-1/2 miles.

From Newtonville Commuter Rail stop (walking or driving):  Cross Washington St. on Walnut St, and follow Walnut St. to Watertown St.  Take a right on Watertown, and continue past the Dunkin Donut at Adams St to Bridge St.  Left on Bridge.  Park on Traverse.  Just over 1 mile.


We are very close to the Massachusetts Turnpike, and not very far from Rte. 95.

From Mass Pike (E. or W.):  Get off at Watertown/Newton exit (NOT W. Newton).  If heading east, take first right (Centre St), next right (Church - which loops around in a "U"), then left on Washington. Follow driving directions from Newton Corner.  If heading west, go straight from exit; follow driving directions from Newton Corner.

From Rte. 95:  Either get off at the Mass Pike exit and follow the directions from the Mass Pike, or take the Rte. 16 exit, and follow Rte. 16 East past the hospital, and through West Newton (left fork after the movie theatre), and continue past the Dunkin Donuts on Adams St. to the next left (Bridge).  Left on Bridge.  Park on Traverse.  Taking the Mass Pike is longer in miles, and you have to pay a $1.25 toll, but it is probably slightly faster.

If coming from the North on Rte. 95, it is probably actually faster to get off at Rte 2 (East), take one of the Belmont exits, and wind your way through Belmont and Watertown.  This is a little complicated to describe, however.  Use a map, or take one of the simpler routes.

From the Airport (Logan) or Amtrack (Boston South Station):  Take the Mass Pike (Rte. 90) West.  Follow the directions from the Mass Pike.  If taking public transportation, see MBTA/Commuter Rail directions above.  


MBTA Bus schedules can be found at the following links (assuming the MBTA hasn't changed their site).